Premium Quality

The satisfaction of our customers is what gives meaning to Egytree. Therefore, we work with a relentlessness commitment to excellence, providing superior quality product.

Certified Warranty

Striving for best quality; Egytree has a quality system that meets international regulations and legislations, ensuring our product safety and quality.

Fast & Effective

In Egytree, we have a team of professionals and the most advanced techniques. So we can meet, quickly and effectively, the needs of our customers.

Growing Experience

Egytree is a producer and exporter company founded by a professional in the industry, Atef Saeed ElDeeb and formed by a young team with a future project as base.

The best agricultural products

Fresh seedless grapes

Superior Grapes

Our Superior seedless grapes offer a big burst of mild sweet flavor wrapped in a crisp texture.

Red Flame Grapes

Vine-ripened by the sun, this famous variety produces medium-sized clusters of large, sweet, juicy grapes.

Prime Grapes

This is a large seedless berry with a creamy white color and a very high sugar level.  

Crimson grapes

Slightly elongated light red grape with high levels of sweetness and an attractive flavour.


Navel orange

Their widespread distribution and long growing season have made navel oranges very popular.

Valencia Orange

It is a late-season fruit, and therefore a popular variety when navel oranges are out of season.

Eureka & Adalia Lemons

Medium to large varietal. The peel ranges in color from pale to bright yellow.


Spring Onions

Spring Onions are high in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. They add delicious flavor to variety of plates.



Depending on the variety, they can be syrupy-sweet, fruity, sweet-tart, candy-like, too sweet with balanced acidity.



When cooked, artichokes develop a sweet, nutty, and grassy flavor with subtle caramel notes.